How It Works

Hybrid Learning Options in Indiana

At Marian University Preparatory School-Indiana (MU Prep-Indiana), we strive to personalize learning in an accessible, faith-focused environment. MU Prep-Indiana gives 6th–10th grade students in Indiana the option to learn strictly online or participate in a hybrid schedule of online and in-person classes.

We’re committed to student success and flexible learning. That’s why we offer families of middle and high school students a choice between two learning formats:

MU Prep-Indiana Virtual

Students learn online from home or wherever there’s an internet connection, along with their Learning Coach. No in-person instruction is provided as part of the MU Prep-Indiana virtual format.

MU Prep-Indiana Hybrid

Students in grades 6–10 have the option to follow a hybrid format and attend both virtual and in-person sessions. Students attend classes virtually on Monday and Wednesday, with Friday as a flex day to meet one-to-one with teachers and work on assignments. On Tuesday and Thursday, students learn in person on Marian University’s Indianapolis campus with other students and MU Prep-Indiana teachers.

No matter the format, MU Prep Indiana’s curriculum and community are aligned as one school. Students will need to select their options before the start of each school year. View a sample schedule below.

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8th Grade – Hybrid Sample Schedule

8th Grade - Hybrid Sample Schedule