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Letter From Our Head of School

Welcome to Marian University Preparatory School!

My name is Dr. Elisha Schlabach, and I am the head of school for Marian University Preparatory School (MU Prep), an independent Catholic school operating under the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, that meets the individual needs of students and their families. I have been involved in education for 20 years, and I love engaging with families and working with students to help them grow and succeed. As the landscape of education evolves, I am excited to offer a high-quality, student-centered education option that really works for families. At MU Prep, we believe all students deserve to master what they love and learn as they live.

Here’s our backstory:

Despite technology adaptations mobilizing, personalizing, and transforming countless other industries, education has been slow to adopt these tools that can personalize K–12 learning. Now more than ever, curriculum and instruction need to be research-based, engaging, relevant to students’ futures, and delivered in a flexible way.

Because of this motivation, Marian University Preparatory School was founded by Marian University, an innovative Catholic institution distinguished in its ability to prepare transformative leaders for service to the world. MU Prep serves a very distinct, powerful mission—to personalize each student’s education in an accessible, faith-focused environment while transforming K–12 education for every student and teacher.

So, why should you enroll at MU Prep?

MU Prep embraces innovation without sacrificing quality. Our innovative school environment provides a safe, enriching space for students to apply their talents and develop the necessary self-discipline to thrive while benefiting from a schedule that works for them. MU Prep provides high-quality, relevant academics in a flexible, personalized way grounded in faith. By doing so, we consider each student’s school-life balance where learning and living serve one another—something we call “learn as you live.”

I encourage you to discover more about our great school and the benefits it can provide for you and your family. Join us at MU Prep and be part of our vibrant school community!


Dr. Elisha Schlabach

Dr. Elisha Schlabach

Head of School

Welcome to Marian University Preparatory School!

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